Everything you need to know about getting to Saba.

How to get to Saba

Some information on how to travel to Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa. There are two options: by sea or by air. Find out everything you need to know about flight schedules and boat ferry schedules. Or when travelling luxurious: how to book a private charter or how to anchor your yacht.


To reach Saba or any other surrounding islands you always fly through St. Maarten Airport (SXM). Click here to find out which airlines fly directly to St. Maarten.


Saba can easily be reached by plane from Sint Maarten. Winair performs this 12 minute flight 4 times a day. Currently, round-trip air fare from Sint Maarten to Saba is approximately US$ 190.00

Winair Saba

Phone: +599-416-2255
Local St. Maarten Phone : +1721-545-4230
Toll-Free Phone from the US: 800-634-4907
Online reservations: www.fly-winair.com
Ask our reservations department to arrange your flight for you!


To find a flight to st. Maarten (Airport code: SXM) check the website of Princess Juliana International Airport.


dawn 2 saba

Sometimes referred to as the Heineken boat, the Dawn II has provided consistent, reliable, service between Fort Bay, Saba and Dock Maarten, Sint Maarten since 2005. The 65′ aluminum vessel is equipped to carry 50 passengers and features an air conditioned passenger cabin with comfortably padded seats inside as well as outside seating to enjoy the cool Caribbean breeze. Just in case you are wondering… there is FREE Heineken onboard!


Roundtrip is approximately $100.


Online: www.sabactransport.com
E-mail: sabactransport@gmail.com
Phone:+599 416 2299


Or ask our reservations to book a ticket for you!


getting to saba edge

The Edge: The high speed ferry boat providing transportation and day trip excursions to Saba expands on Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays. Departures are from St. Maarten’s Simpson Bay at the Pelican Marina.

The boat leaves from st. Maarten at:
9:00am (check-in 8:15am), arriving at Fort Bay, Saba at 10:30am and returning at 3:30pm.


One way fee is approximately:
$50 one-way ($25 for kids).( excluding harbour fee )
Open bar and bi-lingual crew on board.


Online: www.stmaartenactivities.com
E-mail: aquamania@sintmaarten.net
Phone: +1721 544 2640 or +1721 544 2631


Or ask our reservations to book a ticket for you!


Should you want to come to Saba right away and do not want to wait for scheduled flights you can charter a plane thru Windward Express Airways. They offer first class express concierge service and guaranteed fixed pricing. Windward Express flies to your schedule and destination on time while avoiding air terminal check-in, line-ups and lost luggage. From a short flight to your personal itinerary, they provide direct full access to international, regional and restricted airports (St. Barths, Baillif, Le Saints and Saba).


Windward Express Airways N.V.
Princess Juliana International Airport
St. Maarten
Netherlands Antilles

Tel: +1721 545 2001
Fax: +1721 545 2224
E-mail: reservations@windwardexpress.com


yacht handling

Imagine a lush green island almost untouched by manhood, but still has all the luxury you are looking for. Saba will be that special visit to that special island! More and more of our guests arrive on our little magical Islandby yacht. Therefore we hereby provide you with the information you need if you are planning to come by charter boat or your own yacht.

Whether you are just coming in for the day or plan to stay overnight you are welcome to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at our resort. Tired of sleeping on your yacht? Please feel free to inquire about suites via telephone or E-mail. Sailing or cruising to Saba is a nice way to reach the island. It makes you feel like you are discovering a place forgotten by time, some mysterious rough and rugged island where, centuries ago, pirates might have taken refuge.

There are no high tech marinas here, just the pure natural beauty of steep cliffs dropping into the ocean and wild tropical vegetation clinging to the hillsides. Altogether a fabulous setting to wake up to in the morning, with only the sound of seabirds and waves breaking onto the shore. There are several places to moor in the Saba National Marine Park. Saba has enough moorings for everybody. The Yellow buoys are for yachts; please do not anchor without permission. We are more than happy to assist you with any formalities.


Our Yacht Handling partner, Saba Deep, you can reach via marine channel 16. They will take care of all the formalities for you.


You can also reach them via telephone: +599 416 3347 or E-mail: info@sabadeep.com
Of course you can always contact us at: +599 416 3494 or e mail: info@queensaba.com