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About the island
Saba, the unspoiled relaxing island in the Dutch Antilles, is just 12 MINUTES flight away from Dutch/French St. Maarten/St. Martin and French St. Barth. St. Maarten is reachable via direct flights from Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Boston, Miami, Dallas and Toronto.

"The Unspoiled Queen" or Saba is a Caribbean island that inspires your imagination.

This magical island gives her second name "The Unspoiled Queen" is really unspoiled.

Saba's flora and vegetation is lush, with tropical rain forests where one can find orchids, lige-feims, mahogonies, palms, as well as mango, orange and many other fruit trees....

Saba is a paradise for the scuba enthousiast. According to the experts, one of the best diving spots in the world. There are three professional DIVE OPERATORS on the island. The waters around the island, as well as the seabed and the seamounts form the Saba Marine Park, formally established to preserve and manage Saba's marine resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the people, in perpetuity.

Saba has a population of about 1600, spread out over four villages, and is governed by an island council. The council reports to the government of the Netherlands Antilles in Curacao. The head of State is the Governor, who is appointed by the Queen of the Netherlands.

The Dutch recently reconstructed the Port and the airport services five daily flights from St. Maarten to Saba.

Due to economic support from the Netherlands and the European Union, Saba's unemployment rate is very low. Two thirds of the population is working in a governmental function, one of the reasons why the island is extremeley clean.

CRIME IS PRACTICALLY NON-EXISTENT, making Saba one of the safest spots in the world.

For entertainment at night, there are a few very cosy local pubs and restaurants.

  • Safe
  • Clean
  • No crime
  • Rainforest
  • Almost no musquitos
  • Unique Flora and Fauna
  • Lots of birds and other animals
  • Protected Marine Park
  • Great Mountains
  • Good water quality
  • Nature oriented tourism
  • Very friendly people
  • English Speaking
  • Best climate in the Caribbean
  • A great variety of plants and fruits
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There are a variety of shops and markets on the island, as well as a post office, police station and library. There are two banks in Windwardside which are open Monday through Friday. Besides regular schools there are special schools. An American medical university was established in 1994, working closely together with the local hospital.

Some Saba Facts:
  • Capital: The Bottom
  • Population: about 1600 people
  • Electric Current: 110 volts.
  • Medical Emergencies: A.M. Edwards Medical Center
  • Marine Park Hyperbaric Facility with a 4-person re-compression chamber.
  • Climate: Temperature averages 80 degrees Fahrenheit
Saba trailer
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