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Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa offers several on-site activities such as cooking classes, wine tastings, cruises and much more.


At Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa we have various activities inside and outside our resort for you to enjoy and make your stay even more memorable. We have a swimming pool, a fitness room, spa, cooking classes, board games, dvd library, books, themed dinners & Wine tastings and we offer cooking classes. For every person and couple there is an experience at Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa.

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Sign up for a cooking class with our executive chef. Our cooking classes are held on our outside terrace where you will learn how to make a Caribbean dish which you may enjoy after completing the class. Want to learn a specific dish? Just ask and we will do our best to make it happen.

wine tastings queens resort


Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa on Saba often organizes wine tastings. The wine tastings always have different themes; sometimes based on a region, sometimes based on a grape type. You are also able to book your private wine tasting.

picnic at queens


The rainforest on Saba is very unique and beautiful; therefore a perfect place to enjoy a picnic together. On our picnic menu you simply select your food & beverages choices,  and we will hand you a picnic backpack with all your selected goodies. Hike, find a great spot and simply enjoy! Please remember to only leave your footprints in our beautiful rainforest.

sunset cruise queens gardens


Take in a beautiful and romantic sunset on the Caribbean Sea. Our Sunset cruise is an excellent way to celebrate the end of a beautiful Caribbean day on Saba. The cruise leaves from the harbor and we will serve you a nice selection of hot and cold snacks along with a bottle of sparkling wine.


Whether it is a gift for family, friends, or a treat for yourself, you’ll find the perfect Saban souvenir at our shop, a reminder of your stay on the Unspoiled Queen.

Browse a variety of artwork, from Haitian art to pieces from local artisans. Choose from a wide selection of Island jewelry, hats, bags, dresses, shirts, flip flops and more. You can also select from the exclusive Queen’s Gardens Resort line of branded merchandise including caps, polo shirts, and sun products, including sunscreen, tanning oil and body lotion or after sun. For a fragrant indulgence, try our custom scented candles and diffuser sets.

Of course, no holiday is complete without a postcard to loved ones.  Write your postcards and we will gladly put them in the mail for you. 
When you are staying at the resort come in and have a look. We will be more than happy to assist you!

indonesian food queens resort


The owners have a long history with Indonesia and simply love the Indonesian Cuisine. For that reason Queen’s Gardens now organizes an Indonesian Night once a month. Want to know if Indonesian night is being organised while you are here, simply send us an E-mail or check our Facebook page.

board games queens gardens


We have various games available for the rainy days or just for your pleasure. Ranging from chess to monopoly, we got you covered.

library queens resort


A nice book selection is available for your enjoyment. If you like to take a book home that is no problem just give us another of your books in return.

live music events queens gardens


A great way to spend your vacation is with a live band. We, at Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa love live music so we always do our utmost to bring the best. Over the years we have gotten a pretty solid group of great musicians together to perform at the resort. We also offer romantic live music dinners. Check our schedule of live music events on our Facebook page. We aim for once a month.