on island experiences saba

Besides our on-site activities the island of Saba has additional fun and interesting activities for you to enjoy. From boat excursions, to visiting the various small museums, to an exciting island tour.


Besides our on-site activities, Scuba diving, and hiking the island has additional fun and interesting activities for you to enjoy such as boat excursions, museums, or an island tour. Saba has something to offer for all of our visitors. Below you will find what kind of experiences Saba Island has to offer. If you have any specific activity in mind, please let us know and we will do our best to make those your wishes come true.


boat charters saba

Let us make the arrangements for you to charter a speed boat or fishing boat to experience Saba from the sea. Half and full day rentals are available and includes the captain, beverages, and snacks. Tour the island from the beautiful Caribbean Sea or make a day trip to one of the surrounding islands.


island hopping saba

While on Saba you can also visit one of the other surrounding islands. St Maarten is the easiest to visit. There are multiple flights per day and a ferry in the morning and returning the same day in the late afternoon on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.


fishing trips saba

If you are a sport fisherman and you would like to experience the life of a professional fisherman, let us know before your stay with us and we will set it up for you. What type of fish can be found in the island waters? Too many different kinds to list! Of course on Saba, we fish responsibly and only the non-endangered species according to the seafood watch list are taken from the sea.


bird watching saba

The island of Saba is breeding ground for a plethora of tropical birds. Because Saba has large rock formations all over, it is a perfect place for birds to nest. Ask us to set up a birding trip with “Jungle James” (a Saba nature expert).


shopping saba

There are no big shopping malls on Saba, however the souvenir shops, jewelry cottage, art galleries, and Saba lace workspace are worthwhile places to visit. Pick up a beautiful piece of Saba Lace or a bottle of the local rum based liquor, Saba Spice.


slideshows saba

On Mondays and Wednesdays interesting slide shows featuring the flora and fauna of Saba are presented at different venues. On Monday evenings, Saba’s marine life is featured.  On Wednesday evenings, the slide show showcases the  diverse ecosystem of Saba. Please consult our concierge services for reservations and accurate times.


geo caching

Participate in the biggest treasure hunt on the globe! On Saba there are several treasures hidden in the rainforest. If you are interested, simply ask us and we will let you know how it works. This activity is especially fun for children of all ages.


snorkeiling saba

Saba has various exciting snorkeling sites around the island. The most well-known area for snorkeling is Well’s Bay. Weather permitting, there are snorkeling trips available daily. You will see turtles, active tropical fish, and the beautiful coral reef of Saba. Ask our concierge to plan your snorkeling trip for you.


island tours saba

Saba’s guides takes great pride in the quality of their tour experiences. Each tour includes a knowledgeable guide to accompany the guest who will highlight all the points of interest that are passed during the course of the tour as well as providing the pertinent information about Saba in general. A must do if you are visiting Saba.


sunset cruise saba

Take in a beautiful and romantic sunset on the open water. Our Sunset cruise is an excellent way to celebrate the end of a beautiful Caribbean day on Saba. The cruise leaves from the harbor and you will enjoy a selection of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres  along with a bottle of sparkling wine.


saba conversation

The Saba Conservation Foundation plays a very important role in sustaining our island. The foundation ensures that the marine park and the Saba trails are well maintained. The Saba marine park is one of the oldest marine parks in the world. You can volunteer for the Saba Conservation Foundation and contribute to maintaining the island and saving its beauty for future generations during your stay on the island. The team at Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa actively volunteers at the Saba Conservation Foundation to keep the marine park well maintained for superb diving and snorkeling conditions. If you are interested in volunteering, let us know and we will connect you with the foundation.


glasswork saba

A great way to spend a morning or afternoon on Saba is to make your own jewelry at a glass workshop. It is an exciting, hands-on workshop, where you will learn how to turn glass into  beautiful pieces of art. If you are not up for this challenge, the glass studio is still worth a visit for great handmade souvenirs.


crafts and art saba

For a tiny island, Saba has produced a number of extraordinary artists. What better way to remember your trip to Saba than with a piece of Caribbean art? The Five Square Mile Gallery carries a variety of works by artists from Saba and a number of other Caribbean islands. Framed paintings by Robert Lynn, Barbara Joyce, Sara Muender, Mark Dykstra, Heleen Cornet, Lucia Trifan, and many others cover the walls of this brightly colored shop.

Saba lace is a unique needlecraft painstakingly created by the industrious women in Saba. Saba lace, also known as Spanish work, has a special history. Saba Lace is just one example of the unique beauty that is Saba. We hope you enjoy owning and using your piece of this special needlework.


museum saba

The Harry L. Johnson Museum is situated in a meadow surrounded by beautiful flowers. Exhibits include collections from the 19th and early 20th century as well as a collection of artifacts from the Amerindian archaeological sites around the island. It also serves as a resource center where you can find articles on Saba.

In The Dutch Museum you can find Dutch collections of antiques, 150 to + 400 years old: tiles, books, porcelain, tapestries, furniture, lacework, and paintings.