Saba is one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world.


Saba is one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world. The Unspoiled Queen of Saba plunges below the sea as steeply as she rises above. Her volcanic origins have created spectacular formations and structures, a delight for divers. 30 permanently-moored dive sites range from sloping reefs and hot springs to abrupt walls, drop-offs and our famous seamounts. The Saba Marine Park was established in 1987, which makes it one of the first marine parks in the world. We invite you to experience the difference nearly 30 years of protection makes. A spectrum of sponges adorn overhangs and swim throughs while a myriad of coral textures have attached to shapes remnant of Alice in Wonderland. The seafloor of this healthy playground is home to creatures ranging from tiny sea goddesses to funky Chernobyl-size sea cucumbers. Meanwhile, you may be using a magnifying glass to determine the species of a blenny as a school of Creole wrasse pass-all the while a territorial tarpon the size of your dive buddy watches overhead. Two species of turtles and sharks can be expected daily. Depending on the season, you may look forward to tropical temperatures from 78-84 F.

Whether you are a first-time diver or simply prefer super easy dives, Saba has dive sites for any level of experience. Professional dive centers offer snorkeling as well as Discover Scuba Diving ( first time scuba diving) experiences or training to professional levels.

Saba offers year-round diving with seasonal differences in water temperature and surface conditions. Visibility ranges from a minimum of 20m (60ft) to virtually unlimited. Swells and heavy rainfall may influence visibility, but typically it clears again quickly.

Queen’s Gardens Resort works very close with all dive shops on Saba, therefore we can assist you in making your dive arrangements or put a package together for you. If you are not certified for diving, but want get certified we can arrange for appropriate training to fit your timeframe and vacation plan. Contact us directly for more information on the variety of PADI courses and certifications. You can even start your PADI course conveniently in our swimming pool.


Not into scuba diving, but you would like to see what Saba has to offer below the surface? There are snorkeling trips around the island, just ask us and we will set it up. If you would like to do a little bit more then snorkeling, free diving courses and experiences are available on the island as well.

Night Dives

Life on the reef changes at night, some fish are actually sleeping and others come out to hunt or find a mate. Don’t miss out on this exciting experience Just let us know you are interested and we will arrange a night dive for you.

Group Diving

For group diving or tailored packages customized to your needs and wishes, please contact as per email.


We offer a variety of diving packages, please take a look at our diving packages page. Our Booking engine sometimes will tell you that there is no availability for some of the packages. In this case please contact us directly, because we are likely to have the package of your preference available, but in a different suite category. Please contact us directly via:

diving courses saba


Whether you would like to discover Scuba Diving for the first time or wish to extend your training, we offer courses for almost every level. With calm waters, great visibility and easy access to the Caribbean Sea, Saba is the ideal place to start with Scuba Diving! Dive training for beginners will start here at Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa in our outdoor swimming pool.


Duration: 1 day

This course is the ideal way to determine if scuba diving is for you! This one day course consist of theory session, a swimming pool session at the resort and one open water dive.


Duration: 3-4 days

You can now become a certified Open Water Scuba Diver in just two days. However, this option requires a bit of pre-planning so that you complete the academic portion before arriving to Saba. Contact us for the easy-step-by-step instructions so that you can enjoy the fun in the water once on Saba. Otherwise, a 4-day course including theory sessions can be arranged. Either option provides an international certification that is accepted all around the globe. This course includes practicing the skills in the swimming pool as well as four open water sessions.


Duration: 3-5 days

This certification allows the Open Water Diver to explore a wider range of activities, all under instructor supervision, thereby allowing the student to gain more skills and confidence and bringing the diving experience to a higher level of fun and enjoyment.


The PADI Advanced Open Water Certification consists of five dives, including one navigation dive, one deep dive and three elective dives (specialties you can choose from are night diving, multi-level dives, underwater naturalist, fish ID or search and recovery, to name just a few).


Duration: depending on course

If you would like to gain more expertise in a specific area, other specialty scuba diving courses are also available like Deep Diver, Naturalist and Navigation. With little notice, delve into a unique course developed on Saba and approved by PADI: Saba Eco-Immersion course work with an instructor dedicated to teaching you more about our underwater world (defense mechanisms, camouflaging techniques, coral nurseries- to name a few). Rescue diver courses and Master diver courses may be arranged if you have pre-requisites.