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Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa has such a uniquely interesting story to tell, it can best be told through media editorial. We therefore have an unswerving commitment to support and assist you in experiencing our property and products, first hand.


To this end we have press visits to our properties, usually arranged through our PR representative office. We also encourage individual media visits, also through our PR representative Office. This office is your direct contact with Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa to simplify your communication and fulfill your needs. You can request specific high-resolution images that you see on this site to accompany media stories. Additionally, there is an archive of press releases to assist research.

If you have not been receiving our media press releases, please contact our PR representative Office or contact Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa directly. Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa is pleased to make our archives of Press Releases available for review and download. We do ask that when quoting directly from any of our communications, authorship is credited to Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa.


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Press Releases

A list with some of the articles about Queen’s Gardens Resort published in blogs, magazines and more around the world. We are featured by some of the most renowned travel authorities in the world.

Miami Herald

May 9th 2016

Tiny Caribbean island of Saba offers big piece of paradise

It’s a hot and humid summer day in the Caribbean and the wind is up. Just moments after Winair’s de Havilland Twin-Otter bumpily takes off from St. Maarten, the tiny island of Saba, just a 10-minute flight away, rises like a scepter from the floor of the crystal-blue Caribbean. As the plane putters toward Saba’s 1,300-foot airstrip, the shortest commercial runway in the world, I see waves lashing against the island’s rocky, steep..

National Geographic

January 26th 2016

Top 10 Islands

During my years of island finding, I have been to most places in the Caribbean— Barbados, Antigua, Jamaica, and many islands much smaller. But the most unusual is Saba, east of the U.S. Virgin Islands, rising almost 873 meters (2,864 feet) above the sea. It is home to 1,500 inhabitants, many of whom have the same family name: Hassell..

December 10th 2015

SABA: A Guide to an Island Less Explored

A twelve minute Winair flight from St. Martin will get you breathtaking views of little red rooftops between a bright green landscape just before you land on the world’s shortest commercial runway on the Dutch Caribbean island of SABA: the Unspoiled Queen. Arriving on her majesty is like returning to an old friend. There’s something in the Saba air…


December 8th 2015

Unforgettable 8-Day Caribbean Vacation For 2 at Queen’s Gardens Resort & SCUBA with Sea Saba

Experience an oasis of serenity and refinement when you are welcomed into this graciously intimate environment and tranquil atmosphere with a warmly residential style.  Situated in the finest of locations, the world is at your fingertips at the Queen’s Gardens…

The Montrealer

October 23rd 2015

Island-hopping in the Caribbean

As our Twin Otter plane careens past a mist-shrouded volcano and screeches to a stop on a runway that drops into the Caribbean Sea, I’m tempted to join my fellow passengers who spontaneously burst into applause with shouts of “thank you” to our pilots. The Dutch Caribbean island of Saba…

New York Times

September 25th 2015

Tours and Parks News: Wildlife Events in Saba

On the rugged Dutch Caribbean island of Saba, visitors can eavesdrop on the echolocation of bats in new nocturnal “Batman Hikes” during October, deemed Environmental Awareness Month. Sponsored by a nonprofit environmental foundation, the campaign stages a series of Sea & Learn events featuring hands-on involvement with research biologists. New opportunities…

Caribbean Journal

August 13th 2015

The Best Hotel (And the Best Table) in Saba

I don’t eat lobster very often. Sure, I like it. But when I go to a restaurant that seems good, I always feel that the way to see what the restaurant does best is to order something else. The lamb, the glazed mahi, the duck. Things that require creativity. With few exceptions, lobster always tastes good, but it also always tastes the same. That was, until I was sitting in a treehouse called the Bird’s Nest above the Queen’s Gardens resort in Saba…

Caribbean Journal

August 10th 2015

The Caribbean’s Unknown Island

The Dutch Caribbean island known as Saba is known for its diving, its fascinating topography and its medical school. And also for its lace. But it is also not known, and that is something the islanders relish. It’s just 12 minutes by plane from St Maarten, a little less than two hours by ferry. But light years removed. There are only 2,000 people on this rock in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, the one with just one main road called The Road and with a capital called The Bottom.

Sport Diver

September 2015

Saba: The Undiscovered Queen

Diving publication covering the beauty of Saba and it’s Caribbean marine park.

USA Today

February 4th 2015

Hot hotels for couples in the Caribbean

The Caribbean’s recipe for a romantic rendezvous is tried, tested and true. It starts with the views from a seaside suite, improves with a table for two and reaches perfection via a butler who makes sure a couples-only holiday is a top-shelf tryst. Whether you’re rekindling an old flame, enjoying quality time together or celebrating Valentine’s Day, our list of hot hotels for couples raises the bar on sweetly sensual vacations…

Outside Online

December 30th 2014

6 Caribbean Adventures Without the Crowds

Rule number one for outdoor lovers thinking about an escape to the Caribbean? Get off the beaten path. Otherwise you’ll be herded onto overdeveloped beaches and cookie-cutter resorts teeming with the same people you’re hoping to get away from. (If that’s what you want, a flight to South Florida is much cheaper.) Instead, touch down on one of these lesser-known islands, where you’ll find dreamy beaches, world-class fishing, hiking…

Reader’s Digest

February 2nd 2014

Top 10 Tropical Islands For Hiking

Basically bereft of beaches, but boasting some of the best wall diving in the region, Dutch protectorate Saba dubbed the “Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean” circles its way around the volcano called Mount Scenery which at 887 metres is the highest point within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Hikers can…